Jill Greenberg | September 17, 2019

Working with a Remote Workforce? Three things you absolutely need to consider for IT with remote workers.

1. Collaboration is key

Ensure that you have your video conference system set-up properly to minimize frustrating downtime.

Set-up your file-sharing tools with the correct architecture and administrative access to avoid mishaps in people seeing things they shouldn’t be.

Have you heard of the hot new collaboration tools on the market? Try checking out Tandem, There, and Miro to improve communication across teams!

2. Know where your devices are, and what’s on them

Keep an inventory of your company-owned devices so that you know where your data is being stored across the country.

Ensure your employees are on the latest (and most compliant) version of software to avoid issues collaborating.

Make sure you are able to remotely push software updates when they take place, rather than relying on individual employees to do it themselves!

3. Be proactive with IT security

Being able to remotely wipe or lock a device is critical. Don’t wait for a remote employee to leave their laptop in a coffee shop with sensitive data on it!

Remotely push Filevault to all company-owned devices so that in the worst case, the data is encrypted!

Allow yourself the ability to build custom scripts that keep you compliant with whatever standards you need to sign new customers.

Want to make sure that you are checking all the boxes? Reach out to business@interlaced.io to get a free consultation of your IT infrastructure.

Jill Greenberg|

Jill is the CEO at Interlaced, working with her team to create the single best Apple IT support experience of all time.