February 2, 2020

We went to TechCon SoCal 2020

Written by Justin Wells

We went to TechCon SoCal 2020 in San Diego, and asked attendees to tell us their top “IT frustrations, ” here is what we heard from Southern California’s technology leaders:

  1. The leaders of growing tech companies are afraid of being hacked; they fear that they don’t have sufficient security on company and personal devices.
  2. The internet in their offices stops working suddenly, and with no explanation.
  3. There is no connection between productivity tools, and integrations can be spotty.
  4. Their multi-factor authentication solutions are overbearing, and ask for authentication too frequently.
  5. Their single-sign on solutions require a lot of management.
  6. Their email inboxes are cluttered with spam, and outgoing emails bounce back often.
  7. They have trouble getting on the phone with tech support or don’t know where to turn for help.
  8. They are constantly pinged for updates.
  9. Their device battery life is crazy short.
  10. The links to company tools and solutions are broken, and it is difficult to navigate to the right tool.
  11. They don’t have their data and documents backed up, and their integration with file sharing is cumbersome.

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Justin Wells

Justin Wells

Justin is passionate about hiring and empowering smart, dedicated, and customer-obsessed teammates to solve complex problems for Interlaced's partners. Prior to Interlaced, Justin built partnerships for Intuit, led a Startup, and spent more than 10 years as a Naval Aviator. Justin resides in San Diego.