September 3, 2020
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#Throwback Thursday: Network Upgrades

Written by Justin Wells

Throwback Thursday: Networking

Remember the bygone days of massive wired networks and the “fun” you had with organizing your network rack? I think anyone that has dealt with 48, 96 or 144 drops will concur…wiring can be a pain.


People + Interlaced’s Professional Services = Project Success

The success of a project is dependent on the people working on it. The Interlaced Projects Team works with Stakeholders, POCs and onsite resources to ensure that each initiative is carried out to completion. Interlaced’s commitment to #peoplefocusedit and #professionalservices will take your company’s office space to the next level. 

Let us show you how we can take your technology to the next level, empower your employees, and take IT off your plate. You can reach us at, (855) 885-7336.

Justin Wells

Justin Wells

Justin is passionate about hiring and empowering smart, dedicated, and customer-obsessed teammates to solve complex problems for Interlaced's partners. Prior to Interlaced, Justin built partnerships for Intuit, led a Startup, and spent more than 10 years as a Naval Aviator. Justin resides in San Diego.