Preparing for the return to offices

As the COVID-19 (known as the coronavirus) pandemic continues to affect not only our lives as individuals, but our organization as a collective, we have had to make changes to not just our way of life, but the ways our organizations operate.  This includes heeding to ci

4 Tips to Help Create Balance While Working From Home

The new normal for many of us is working from home. For some of us, this is a dream come true and we are finding ourselves more productive than ever with less distractions and commute times. For the rest of us, we are finding it hard to concentrate, have much more distractio

Security, Video Conferencing, and Your Team

In the recent weeks, businesses in every industry have found themselves needing to rapidly strategize and implement solutions to work remotely. For some, the transition came with little friction, while others were faced with an onslaught of decisions in order to keep busines