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Mission Edge Donates Devices to Help San Diego’s Underserved Community

Interlaced team drops off equipment from Mission Edge

“Everybody has to be able to participate in a future that they want to live for. That’s what technology can do.”

Dean Kamen, inventor of Segway

With technology playing an ever-increasing role in our everyday lives, so too is the ability to access that technology. Access for many communities, however, is still limited. Luckily there are organizations actively working to overcome this barrier and here in San Diego, that is the primary mission for the San Diego Futures Foundation.

Asset Disposition & E-Waste Recycling

One of the many ways San Diego Futures Foundation (also known as SDFF) provides access to technology to low-income and non-profits throughout the city is through asset disposition and their e-waste recycling program. Accepting used computers, servers, monitors, computer accessories and more, with the goal of refurbishing them so they can be used by the greater community. In the event the donations cannot but refurbished, SDFF will recycle the “e-waste” in a responsible way. In turn, the profits gained from recycling are used for educational training programs while also providing the community with affordable technology options.

Turning Unused Devices Into Accessible Technology for San Diego

Recently, our friends at Mission Edge found themselves with a number of machines that were phased out of their organization due to device age. Being a social-impact-focused organization, the Mission Edge team wanted to ensure that their computers could make an impact in the community.

Device lifecycle management, from acquisition to disposition, as well as inventory management are just a few of our core services here at Interlaced.

“We realized as an IT department to dozens and dozens of San Diego businesses, we had a unique ability to help facilitate the flow of computers from businesses, who no longer needed them, to SDFF who could get them in the hands of San Diego youth and non-profits.”

Justin Wells, Interlaced CEO

After a quick introduction from the Interlaced team, a dropoff date was coordinated and the unused devices were delivered to the SDFF team.

For more information on the San Diego Futures Foundation and how you or your organization can make a donation, visit their website at To find out more about how Interlaced can help build a scalable IT program for your organization, which includes asset lifecycle management, device provisioning and inventory management, contact us at

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