Make IT employee onboarding seamless for

your new hires with Interlaced.

Onboarding is the first impression new hires get of your company. Yet too often, IT setup and access issues tarnish their Day One experience.

Here’s how IT Employee Onboarding works when you partner with Interlaced:

  • Your new employee signs their offer letter… yay!
  • The hiring manager notifies Interlaced of the employee’s name, location, role and start date.
  • Our team gets to work picking hardware from inventory or procuring new hardware, installing a suite of MDM and security software for the device, shipping the hardware to arrive at your new team member’s doorstep or your office location.
  • Simultaneously, Interlaced provisions email, calendar, file sharing access and a full suite of common SaaS applications for your new team member so they are ready to get started on Day 1.
  • Your new team member accesses a short, getting started video via a QR code in their welcome package, to help familiarize them with their new technology.
  • Interlaced support technicians are on standby via Slack, Teams and Zoom for any questions that may arise!
  • When your team member moves on to their next best opportunity, Interlaced will ship them a prepaid return box for them to ship back all of their company owned equipment. We’ll securely wipe the device and put it back into inventory for your next hire, or help sell the device on your behalf if it is no longer usable for your business.
60-Day Satisfaction Guarantee

We want you to love all Interlaced has to offer. New clients have 60 days from the effective date of any 12-month contract to exit without penalty if dissatisfied with services. No risks, just rewards!

60-Day Satisfaction Guarantee
We want you to love all Interlaced has to offer. New clients have 60 days from the effective date of any 12-month contract to exit without penalty if dissatisfied with services. No risks, just rewards!

At Interlaced, we strive to

make your new team members’ first day the best it can be.

Our tailored IT onboarding service enables new hires to become instantly productive by taking care of every IT detail proactively.
Interlaced will seamlessly provision SaaS access, set up email and calendars and procure, provision and ship devices right to your employee to get them started on their first day.

With hundreds of startups and small businesses relying on us,

We handle needs like:
  • Provisioning laptops with approved apps and settings
  • Ensuring fast secure network and WiFi access
  • Setting up email, calendars and chat apps like Slack and Teams
  • Granting access to business systems and data
  • Installing security tools
  • Configuring multi-factor authentication to access sensitive company data
  • Offering concierge setup assistance
  • Removing IT obstacles on Day One and beyond

Scalable device services

from procurement to offboarding.

At Interlaced, we take a white glove approach to managing the entire device lifecycle for your business. This includes:
  • Procuring laptops, desktops, and mobile devices at a discount through our partnerships with vendors like Apple
  • Maintaining inventory in our warehousing locations in San Diego and Nashville
  • Handling end-to-end shipping logistics for new, replacement, or retrieved devices
  • Optimizing shipping costs by setting up or leveraging your FedEx business account
  • Personalizing and optimizing each device before shipment
  • Assisting with device returns and retrievals when employees leave
  • Securely wiping devices to protect your data

By overseeing key parts of your device lifecycle,

Interlaced ensures your fleet is always procured at the best prices, inventory is closely managed, shipping is efficient, and offboarding is smooth. This frees you up to focus on your business.

Employee IT onboarding done right—there is a better way!

New hire onboarding sets the tone for the employee lifecycle. With Interlaced as your IT onboarding partner, you make the right first impression.

Employees start off empowered and engaged, not frustrated by avoidable tech issues. Simplify onboarding at scale no matter how distributed or hybrid your workforce is.

Focus on culture building and role clarity, not trouble tickets during this crucial window.

Deliver five-star Day One experiences consistently. Learn how Interlaced can onboard new hires seamlessly at your growing organization and take IT off your plate.

What Clients are Saying

“Managing a remote-first team is the future of work but a strong IT partner is critical for businesses who want to transition their onboarding processes to a seamless, remote process. Interlaced helped us transition our employee onboarding, offboarding and device inventory management to a fully remote process that allows us to support new hires across the US and, in some cases, internationally. Implementation was pretty straight forward and we have since partnered with our dedicated engineer team to customize workflows and build matrices to automate as much of the process as we can. The engineers we work with are quick to respond, friendly and creative problem solvers. For teams that don’t have the resources for an internal IT team but may be looking for a responsive external partner, definitely consider Interlaced.”

— Stephanie Pagan, Manager of Talent Acquisition at
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Unlock your IT potential.

From solidifying your long-term vision to reducing security risks and offloading your day-to-day tasks, Interlaced is your trusted technology partner.

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