September 19, 2017
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Zero Touch Deployment for Employee Onboarding

Written by Jeff Gaines

Z ero-Touch Deployment (ZTD) is a strategy for quickly deploying new machines in a consistent and reliable fashion. Coupled with Interlaced MacSetup, users are guided through a custom-branded experience, making their onboarding seamless and fun.



Zero-Touch Deployment (ZTD) is a strategy that leverages the Jamf Pro ecosystem alongside Apple’s Device Enrollment Program (DEP) to enable seamless deployment of new devices in a quick and efficient manner. It’s especially effective if you have teams or employees located remotely or dispersed among several locations. It’s value in that it decreases the time it takes to deploy new devices, freeing up value time that IT resources can spend doing more important things.

Combined with Interlaced MacSetup Experience, ZTD is unbeatable in terms of efficiency, expediency, and user experience, delivering an elegant solution for for the deployment of any macOS or iOS device within your organization.


What is ZTD

Simply put, ZTD is exactly what it sounds like—when your employees receive their new device, all they will have to do is turn it on, walk through the Interlaced MacSetup Experience, and they’ll instantly be ready to hit the ground running with all of their applications, permissions, and configurations ready to go. An IT resource doesn’t have to “touch” the device prior to delivery to the end-user.

With ZTD, device setup is accomplished in a fraction of the time usually allocated to the task. In fact, hundreds of devices can be set up in the same time it would take to configure just one under “normal” circumstances.

IT simply orders new devices directly from Apple via DEP. They are then configured remotely using a number of tools including the Jamf Software Server (JSS). Devices are assigned in groups and are identified by their serial number. Devices are sent directly to new users, completely bypassing IT. The user receives the device, runs through the MacSetup experience, and the job is done. It’s “Zero Touch” because your IT personnel will never have to see or touch the device.

Too easy, you say? Perhaps. But isn’t that what a solution does? It solves problems. Now all you’ll have to think about is what you’re going to do with all the extra time and money you’ve just saved.

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 Technologies involved

ZTD leverages several key technologies in order to deliver on its promises. These include:

Jamf Pro (formerly Casper Suite)

Jamf Pro is a mobile device management suite (MDM) designed to centralize and streamline the administration of all company-owned devices. It gives IT the ability to manage, configure, and deploy devices, apps, and settings across the enterprise. It provides you with a snapshot view of your inventory and makes it all possible without IT ever having to open a box. Jamf Pro enables ZTD even in the most complex environments.

Apple’s Device Enrollment Program (DEP)

DEP is a way for you to enroll multiple devices remotely at the point of sale. IT purchases the devices and obtains a DEP token that will identify the device by its serial number.

Apple’s Volume Purchase Program (VPP)

VPP is a way for you to buy commonly used apps in bulk and deploy them centrally.

Interlaced MacSetup

Interlaced MacSetup can be tailored to precisely how you want your device setup experience to be. It guides users through a fully customized experience that is branded to your company, complete with your very own app store.

It’s the combination of these technologies that define the Interlaced experience.


ZTD Experience

The ZTD experience is unparalleled in its efficiency and sophistication. Designed to maximize value and minimize IT management, it puts device setup directly into the user’s hands while giving you more control over every nuance of your technology. From applications to security, everything is configured before the devices ever ship.


Benefits of ZTD

ZTD provides a long list of benefits that drive value while making your life, and that of your workforce, so much easier.

Some of the benefits of Zero Touch Deployment include:

  • Frees up your IT department to work on higher-value tasks
  • Devices are sent directly to the user
  • Devices are automatically provisioned during the setup process
  • New devices are ready to go out of the box, rather than going through a tedious process
  • Users are guided through an intuitive process with the MacSetup Experience
  • Minimizes the time it takes for your users to get to work
  • Centrally manage your device inventory
  • Enforce access permissions, security rules, passcodes
  • Restrict installation of unapproved software
  • Specify what software is downloadable by the end user
  • Push out new apps and security configurations across the enterprise
  • Configure self-service options and spend less time managing
  • Happier and more productive users
  • Happier and more productive IT
  • Save lots of money
  • Save lots of time
  • Reduce calls to the help desk/support tickets
  • And much more

Interlaced IT Powers Zero-touch Deployment

Interlaced is a managed IT services provider (MSP) dedicated to servicing business that utilize Apple technology. If you would like to learn more about ZDP, Interlaced MacSetup, Jamf Pro, or any aspect of how we approach IT, schedule a 30-minute introductory call today.

Jeff Gaines

Jeff Gaines

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