December 21, 2020
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Apple Releases Long-Awaited macOS Big Sur

Written by Jeff Gaines

On November 12th, Apple released ​macOS Big Sur​, making the long-awaited jump from macOS X to macOS 11. The update brings several new features to the Mac​ along with the expected performance improvements.

Refreshed Notification and Control Centers

Refreshed toolbars and dock streamline the overall appearance of the mac, as well as making certain features more accessible. A re-designed notification center groups notifications by app, and now opening the notification center also brings widgets into view. Big Sur also introduces the Control Center for the Mac. Like with iOS, the controls available in the control center can be organized by what is most important to the user. All changes mentioned have one thing in common: personalization. Big Sur comes with a variety of different options for each center, allowing each user to have almost completely unique settings.

Personalization is a recurring theme among every Apple release, and Big Sur is no exception. Aesthetics aside, customization allows the individual to prioritze different aspects of the Mac to increase their own productivity. Productivity is hugely important in the business world, and the unique experience Big Sur provides to each stands out as an important tool in increasing productivity.

Updated Messages App

Messages for the Mac also received several notable updates. Conversations can be

priotitized by pinning, photos can be set for group messages, and Inline replies now allow for users to reply to a specific message during a conversation. Big Sur also brings about direct messaging within group conversations, which allow for users to set notifications to only be sent when their name is mentioned within a specific group. New memojis, gifs, message effects and more have also been added.

While the update to messages is definitely fun for all, the new messages app is far more conducive to professional conversations than ever before. It goes without

saying that communication is key within a business setting, and Apple’s efforts to appeal to this fact certainly seem to be paying off.

Increased Privacy Awareness

With Big Sur, Safari is now the fastest browser when loading frequently visited websites. Along with aesthetic updates, Safari is also far more secure. It now uses Intelligent Tracking Prevention to both identify and block trackers while surfing the web, and even provides a weekly security report about blocked trackers. It also monitors any saved passwords, and will notify the user if any passwords are involved in a data breach. Safari can also specify which web extensions access which websites, and now web extensions can be found within the App store. The updated app store also keeps privacy in mind, now requiring each app available to post its privacy practices.

Between Big Sur’s increased personalization features, communication features, privacy features, and more, Apple has made it clear that the Mac will remain a powerful tool to be used by businesses.

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