October 9, 2020
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Apple Product Releases incorporate style, health, and environmental conscientiousness

Written by Jeff Gaines

Just about everyone knows the Santa Clara based tech giant: Apple. On September 15th, we witnessed an Apple product release including iOS updates to existing technology as well as several new and improved products. These products include the Generation 6 Apple Watch, Apple Watch SE with most of the features of the Apple Watch 6, Generation 8 iPad, and a completely redesigned iPad Air. Apple has always set high standards for its products, and the new releases do not disappoint.

The Generation 6 Apple Watch takes an extra interest in personalization

From the addition of brand-new customizable watch faces to the new “solo-loop” watch bands in a variety of colors. The watch itself also comes in new colors, and personalization is taken a step further with the implementation of Family Setup. Family Setup allows for up to five watches to be paired with a single phone; revolutionizing the way children, elders, and those without a phone are connected. Features like location sharing and “school time” create new, flexible ways to keep family members safe. With this, Apple One was also introduced. Apple One provides a single once-a-month payment for various apple services needed by a family, including the new Fitness+ app, all tailored to fit anyones needs.

Taking health monitoring to unprecedented levels

Among the new features are a sleep monitoring app and automatic handwashing detection, but the most notable by far is the watch’s new ability to read Blood Oxygen Levels. The BOL reader, as well as other health metrics, make the Apple Watch an incredible tool for research, so much so that it will be used in three different studies by prestigious medical researchers. This research includes studies on how to better manage and control asthma with pulmonary experts at​ UC Irvine and Anthem,​ how metrics can be used to manage heart failure with ​UHN Peter Munk Cardiac Center and the University of Toronto​, and the understanding of COVID-19 and its interplay with influenza with the ​Seattle Flu Study and UW School of Medicine​. Not only is the new Apple watch an important tool in monitoring one’s own health, it provides new and powerful ways to collect data for important medical research.

Apple product release: New iPads?!?

Along with the Apple Watch, new iPads were included in the Apple product release. The first being the Generation 8 iPad. The iPad 8 contains an A12 bionic chip to boost performance and speed up graphics, creating an iPad faster and more powerful than top-selling laptops in the same price range. It also works with most iPad accessories, including the much-loved Apple pen. Newfound power within the iPad is accompanied by iOS 14 updates that optimize performance, making the iPad 8 a truly versatile tool.

While the iPad 8 proves to be an exciting addition to the iPad lineage, the iPad Air has been completely redesigned. Its most notable feature is its revolutionary A14 bionic chip. This 5-nanometer process technology challenges the laws of physics, all while providing incredible performance and super fast graphics at the lowest possible power output. Updates to the Apple Neural Engine speed everything up and push Machine Learning Capabilities to the extreme. Along with an impressive chip, the new iPad Air has ten times faster data transfer, updated cameras, and breathtaking displays. This revitalized addition to the Apple product release is a stunning piece of technology.

Making an environmental impact

Along with setting high standards for its products, Apple announced its new standards for environmental policy. This includes the use of recycled materials (some being aluminum and rare earth metals) in products and product packaging, as well as the reduction of toxic materials used, like Apple’s arsenic-free glass production. Sustainable products are just the starting point; Apple has stated that all corporate activities will now run completely on renewable energy sources. Since 2015, ​Apple has reduced its comprehensive carbon footprint by 35% and vows to become completely carbon-neutral by 2030​. Sustainability and environmental protection are pressing issues that Apple is dedicated to helping solve.

The Apple product release blends affordability, style, health, and green-ness

Not only are new Apple product releases vastly improved and innovative, but they also are taking the first steps to environmentally-friendly production. Prices are reasonably friendly in comparison to past prices, with the Apple Watch 6 starting at $399, the Apple Watch SE starting at $279, the iPad 8 starting at $329, and the iPad Air starting at $599. Apple has proved to be a tech god over the years and continues to outdo itself with every new release.\

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Jeff Gaines

Jeff Gaines

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