June 22, 2021
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Big Week at Interlaced: Interlaced Welcomes New Hires Ryan, JC and John!

Written by Jeff Gaines

It’s been a busy week here at Interlaced, as we continue growing our team of IT Experts in San Diego and San Francisco! We are proud to welcome three new team members that are also passionate about our mission of driving people-focused IT.

Get to Know: Ryan Carlisle Stewart

Ryan joins Interlaced after spending 6 years in customer-facing IT roles at a San Francisco Managed Services Provider, Apple, Twitter, and BMW.

“I am a friendly and outgoing people person with a specific passion for leveraging technology to better our daily lives. If you catch me off work, I’m most likely at the beach with my wife and dog, roaming around doing ‘cars & coffee,’ or going for a leisurely ride in the mountains on my motorcycle.”

Ryan will be joining Interlaced’s IT Systems Engineering team, and working with clients across California. Ryan lives in the Bay Area.

Welcome to Team Interlaced Ryan!

Get to Know: Juan Carlos (JC)

Juan Carlos “JC” Rios is joining Interlaced after spending 6 years in customer-facing IT roles at various San Francisco MSPs and as a Systems Administration at a Bay Area brand.

He is passionate about developing as an IT professional and with an even bigger passion for “automating everything.” In his free time, JC likes to hike and explore other countries.

JC joins Interlaced’s IT Systems Engineering team, and will be working with clients across the San Francisco Bay Area. JC lives in the Bay Area.

We’re excited to have you on the team JC!

Get to Know: John Sabio

John Sabio is also joining Interlaced this week!

A student at San Diego State University, John is currently majoring in Computer Science. Outside of technology and math, John has a strong passion for music, camping, and bad jokes! Here are some of his favorites: “Who is a computer’s favorite singer? A dell” -and- “What is a computer’s favorite animal? A ram.”

John will be joining Interlaced’s IT Projects and Professional Services Team, and helping coordinate our Device Inventory Management Program.

He currently resides in San Diego and is based out of Interlaced’s Mission Hills office.

We are excited to have Ryan, JC, and John working alongside us and are looking forward to the impact you will have on our team, our clients, and our partners!

Jeff Gaines

Jeff Gaines

Jeff has served as an operating executive at Interlaced since 2016. He is deeply passionate about driving impact for Interlaced, for his community, and for his loved ones. In his spare time, Jeff loves spending time with his wife and son at the world famous San Diego Zoo, enjoying tacos on the beach in Baja, cheering on the San Diego Padres, adventuring outdoors and playing music with friends. Jeff’s top 3 films of all time are Point Break (the original), Road House and Field of Dreams.