January 15, 2021
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Dynamic Duo: Last month, we celebrated two amazing work anniversaries & 10 amazing years with Chantel Vanderhye and Kevin Burns

Written by Jeff Gaines

On December 15, 2010, Interlaced hired two teammates who would go on to shape the company, Kevin & Chantel.

Kevin Burns: Projects Manager ( & CBO: “Chief Burnsin’ Officer”)

Kevin Burns

Kevin is a jack-of-all trades, master of getting deals for our clients, and a PhD in getting things done. Over the past 10-years, Kevin has worn many hats. Additionally, Kevin’s penchant for “always knowing a guy” ensures that whatever the problem, “yo, we’ll solve it.”

Chantel Vanderhye – Projects Manager (& recently voted “Most locations worked during WFH”)

Chantel Vanderhye

Chantel now leads new client onboarding. Over the past 10-years, Chantel has played key roles in all parts of the business, which gives her a great perspective on ways to solve issues and improve processes. At the start of COVID, she was quarantined indefinitely in Hawaii… and we’re glad we got her back.

Chantel & Kevin – we’re truly fortunate to get to work with you. Cheers to 10-more years at Team Interlaced!

Jeff Gaines

Jeff Gaines

Jeff has served as an operating executive at Interlaced since 2016. He is deeply passionate about driving impact for Interlaced, for his community, and for his loved ones. In his spare time, Jeff loves spending time with his wife and son at the world famous San Diego Zoo, enjoying tacos on the beach in Baja, cheering on the San Diego Padres, adventuring outdoors and playing music with friends. Jeff’s top 3 films of all time are Point Break (the original), Road House and Field of Dreams.