September 13, 2021
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Top 3 Reasons to Invest in a Technology Partner

Written by Mallory Randall
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Business leaders understand how crucial technology is for creating and retaining a competitive advantage. But what many companies might be forgetting is the equal importance of the workers who maintain and run their technology. 

Technology partners in charge of designing and managing your technology landscape are critical roles in keeping everything up to par for your business. Here are the top three reasons organizations should continue to invest in their technology partners.

1- You’re Paying Less for More

There’s a reason more businesses and organizations are turning to managed service providers (MSPs). They are able to provide the same, if not better, technology expertise and solutions than an in-house employee for a fraction of the price. When you hire one full-time IT role, you get the knowledge and experience of that single employee while paying a full salary, plus any benefits and other hiring costs. 

However, with an outsourced partner, the economy of scales allows you to pay much less for the exact amount of support you need. And that can change depending on the month, season, or year (which you can’t do with an in-house employee). 

Not only does this mean you’re lowering your costs, but you’re actually increasing the quality and level of support you’re receiving. An MSP offers an entire team of IT experts, all able to support your business and its needs. The combined knowledge and experience of a team of professionals means you’re getting the best bang for your buck. 

2- Investing Now Saves Money Later

Another advantage to businesses choosing to invest in a technology partner is the long-term savings. As with any investment, it’s not just about the here and now. What you’re really doing when you work with a technology provider is setting yourself up for smooth sailing in the future. And the biggest example of this is cybersecurity. Cybersecurity has grown to involve sophisticated, complex attacks that require the expertise of trained cybersecurity professionals. Even if you have an in-house IT employee or department, they might not have the knowledge required to understand how to best protect your information and systems.

That’s why working with an MSP with cybersecurity expertise is so important. Not only can they help create a technology environment that is more efficient and effective—saving you money that way—but they’ll also save you money down the road by fending off cyber attacks that can bleed businesses dry. You don’t want to have to deal with that. You likely have insurance for your business or employees, and really, investing in a cybersecurity partner is no different. You’re investing now to create a solution that will prevent a much larger and more expensive problem in the future.  

3- You’ll Feel Confident In Your Solutions

Earlier this year, we all realized what a key component technology is in an organization’s overall adaptability. When many businesses across the country had to suddenly move to working from home, those prepared with technology solutions had a much easier time making the switch. The others were left scrambling to secure a remote workforce and adapt their technology to a new way of operating. By partnering with a technology consultant, you can become the company with proactive solutions that help you adapt and progress more than you ever thought. 

MSPs understand the technology solutions on the horizon and what might work best for your organization. They have the expertise to tailor plans to your needs, creating the most productive and valuable solution for your company. A solution that you can feel confident in, and that will power your employees and operations. 

You don’t want to end up stuck in the past and have it be too late to upgrade your systems and keep up with your competition. You want to be the one your competition is trying to keep up with. Technology can do that. It can give you what you need to create brand new products and opportunities. It can streamline your operations. With the right setup, it can take your business to a whole new level, and technology partners understand how to do this. 

In Conclusion

As we’re all working through tough times, technology can actually be our life preserver. It can help businesses continue to run smoothly even when big changes have affected nearly everything else. If you want to ensure that your technology isn’t holding your company back, consult a technology provider. They can help give your organization the best chance to succeed in the long run— through unexpected challenges and obstacles.

Mallory Randall

Mallory Randall

Mallory is the Director of Marketing at Interlaced. Mallory is a highly accomplished and client-centric digital marketing specialist with a 14-year career in executing strategic marketing campaigns. She is passionate about helping brands grow and become the best versions of themselves by helping to tell their stories in ways that resonate with others.