September 18, 2020
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An Operating System for Work: How is redefining collaboration software for businesses with Work OS

Written by Jeff Gaines

Rapidly evolving needs for collaboration software

Let us discuss this new trend. First, the shift to the full-time remote is accelerating the need for work OS. Additionally, companies are striving to do more with less. Therefore, customizations and integrations between apps are more important than ever. Furthermore, software that maps exactly to your unique business processes is critical. is redefining collaboration

“teams create and shape workflow apps to plan, run, and track their processes, projects, and operations.”

Interlaced is excited to promote for three reasons. First, Interlaced is excited to help Creative Agencies adapt their workflows for their unique teams. Next, Interlaced is eager to help companies accelerate while remote. Finally, Interlaced is pleased to be able to help teams streamline their project management.

Interlaced is proud to be a integrator & channel partner

On September 17th, announced it’s new channel partner program in Businesswire. Indeed, Interlaced proud to be listed as an inaugural member in the program for North America. Starting immediately, Interlaced will begin architecting and integrating Monday solutions for clients across the country.

“Broadening our partner reach to North America is a major milestone for our team and a game-changer in the rapid expansion of our channel business,” says Oren Stern, VP Partnerships & Alliances at

In summary, this partnership is 100% in line with our purpose. “Propelling Teams Towards Their Dreams.” Every day, we help our clients do more with their technology. Therefore, next-generation collaboration software is an obvious next step.

Customizable Work OS software is just a few clicks away

Ready to get started? We can help make it simple for you. Reach out today for a demo from one of our solutions engineers:

Jeff Gaines

Jeff Gaines

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