IT issues are costing you
more than you think.

Efficiency is a metric no company can afford to ignore. IT issues plaguing your team is just one way that efficiency can be eroded. But to what degree?

Our original research study shows that a majority of employees and leaders are experiencing 2 hours of moderate delays a week.

An erosion of efficiency.

When your team needs help with IT issues, don’t leave them searching and waiting for help.

What we learned:


Disruptive Work Week

On average, participants experience a technical issue requiring help from IT 1.13 times per week (based on a normal 5 day working week).


Job Performance Suffers

When issues are reported, 81% say the tech issue had at least a moderate impact on their ability to perform their normal job responsibilities.

2.12 Hrs

Time is Being Lost

2.12 hours was the average length of time to resolution for those IT issues that were submitted.

Assuming an average* working schedule and

an average 2 hour resolution time per IT issue…

Businesses are losing 96 hours a year, or around $6,000 a year, of lost value per employee.

*Average 48 weeks/year or 1920 hours/year

Here’s how you can get that time back for your business:

Same People, Every Time

We keep our teams small so we can be intimately familiar with your business’s environment, allowing your teams to interact with the same people, every time.

Dedicated, Fast Response

When issues come into our team, you can expect to receive an acknowledgment within five minutes of submission. This allows us to prioritize business critical issues, allowing for as few disruptions as possible.

Microsoft Teams + Slack Integrations

Your employees likely are already spending most of their days using Microsoft Teams or Slack. That’s why our integrations with both platforms allow your employees to communicate where it’s comfortable and accessible for them.

Subject Matter Experts

In addition to our small teams, we also have subject matter experts in mobile device management (MDM) and single sign-on (SSO), allowing for faster resolution. Our goal is to help keep your teams running as smoothly as possible.

Tired of losing profitability due to ongoing IT issues?

With Interlaced’s managed IT services, we partner with our clients to ensure their teams always has a resource they can rely on.

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It’s never fun dealing with IT issues.

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