June 8, 2023
IT Philosophy

Welcome to the Lighter, Brighter Side of IT Support

Written by Mallory Randall
Computer and phone image courtesy of freepik.com

If it’s been a while since you’ve seen our Interlaced.io website, you’re going to notice a few changes. But why go on this journey? After taking a hard look at our business, we didn’t think our brand accurately reflected what we’ve set out to do, which sparked us to make a change.

Businesses today looking for outsourced IT support want to work with people because their work is personal. They want to work with partners that are approachable and talk to them in terms they understand, not jargon. That’s why we set out to build a lighter, brighter side of IT.

It starts with a mission

About a year ago, we started to refocus on our mission. Our clients are doing amazing things every day, through innovation and being thought leaders in their industries. And we want to be the ones supporting them, every step of the way. That lead us to redefine our mission: Support the missions of teams through fast, reliable, friendly, and skilled tech services.

We wanted our mission to inspire a world where technology is no longer a barrier for teams to accomplish what they set out to do.”

Interlaced CEO Jeff Gaines

This also prompted us to look at our tagline. We aren’t just providing outsourced IT support to innovative and creative businesses and organizations. It’s much more. We are “Tech services for rad teams.”

You may be asking yourself – what motivated this change? While we’re not the first business to update their website, we wanted to explain some of the motivations behind our decisions and how ultimately that impacts the Interlaced you’ll see moving forward.

Bold and bright colors

One of the first things you notice on the website is a brighter, bolder color scheme. We’ve kept our signature Interlaced teal but we’ve also added newer supporting colors. This new palette was chosen not only to stand out but also to invoke emotions of excitement and confidence.

People at the core

At the end of the day, people are at the center of everything we do. When businesses are supported through proactive processes and strong technology, they have more time to focus on what’s important. It allows them to have greater efficiency. And ultimately, it results in happier teams.

While our services are technical in nature, we never lose sight of the fact we’re serving people through our partnerships. Approaching technical challenges and crafting solutions with empathy and understanding allows us to empower the missions of our clients and their teams.

Interlaced CEO Jeff Gaines

And because of this, you’ll see that people are front and center of every image across the site. You’ll also notice that our images feature natural and organic elements, creating a sense of harmony that you get when teams and technology work in harmony with one another.

People are at the center of everything Interlaced does. We provide outsourced IT support for small and midsized businesses so they can focus on achieving their missions.

In the end

While we have a new look, we’re still the same Interlaced you’ve come to know and love. We’re laser-focused on delivering personalized technology services and helping businesses achieve their missions. Now with just a bit more flair.

We hope you enjoy our new website. To learn more about how Interlaced’s people-centered IT experts can build an IT program designed to meet your company’s growth goals, contact us today.

Mallory Randall

Mallory Randall

Mallory is the Director of Marketing at Interlaced. Mallory is a highly accomplished and client-centric digital marketing specialist with a 14-year career in executing strategic marketing campaigns. She is passionate about helping brands grow and become the best versions of themselves by helping to tell their stories in ways that resonate with others.