Tired of talking to a bot?
You’re not alone.

We conducted an original study to explore employee and leadership experiences in the workplace engaging with IT, whether in-person or through automated bot or AI system.

It’s simple:
People want to work with people.

What we learned:


Human vs. Automated IT Support

81% of participants would prefer to chat or speak with a person for their technical issues vs. using an automated bot or AI system.


Poor Experience for Resolving IT Issues

Scoring on a scale of 10 (best) to 1 (worst), on average participants rated automated and AI systems an average of 5.42 in terms of their value in resolving IT issues.


Someone Needed to Finish the Work

For those respondents that attempted to resolve an issue with an automated or AI system to resolve an IT issue, 79% required a person to finish resolving the issue or resolving it completely.

So… what’s the alternative?

What you can expect working with Interlaced:

24-Hour Service Desk

Any IT task, any time. We also integrate with Slack and Microsoft Teams so your teams can reach a person in a way that’s comfortable for them.

Dedicated Client Success Partnership

From day one, you’ll be assigned a dedicated account manager whose sole job is to know you, your team as well as your systems, inside and out.

Bespoke Technology Roadmap

We’ll design a tailored IT roadmap so you understand when and where recommended technology and security updates should be made to keep your program running as efficiently as possible.

Progressive Security + Strategy

With the increasing cyberthreats across the globe, we are empowering our clients, their systems and processes to protect themselves against these threats. It’s our mission to keep your environments safe and secure.

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With Interlaced’s managed IT services, we partner with our clients to ensure they are never alone, from their initial onboarding and beyond.

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It’s never fun dealing with IT issues.

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